Due to the amount of questions we have been receiving from various students and parents, we decided to do something unique and special in this podcast. Join us as we delve into 2 case studies of students and what our counselors would recommend to improve their chances of admissions to their dream schools!  The case studies... Continue Reading →

The Common Application (informally known as the Common App) is an undergraduate college admission application that applicants may use to apply to any of 693 member colleges and universities in 48 states and the District of Columbia, as well as in Canada, China, and many European countries (Wikipedia). According to the Common App, its mission is... Continue Reading →

College interviews are usually done by alumni of the school, college interviews are a way for admissions to not only get to know you but to give you an opportunity to get to know them (the school you are applying to). There are 2 types of interviews: Pre-Application Interviews and Post-Application Interviews. Pre-Application Interviews happen BEFORE you... Continue Reading →

In this podcast, our counselors delve into teacher recommendation letters. Teacher recommendations are required for most schools on the Common Application and can be requested by schools like UCBerkeley after applying to them. Teacher recommendations provide insight to admissions on your characteristics, personality traits, and your abilities beyond just an academic student in the classroom.... Continue Reading →

Why is summer important? Summer is important because it is 2-3 months of your life where you can do something outside of academics and experience things beyond what you learn inside the classroom. Colleges will want to see how you explore and expand on your passions and interests beyond school. To learn how you spend your free time. ... Continue Reading →

There are many different types of extracurricular activities (ECs). From inside of school activities to outside of school activities, athletics, competitions-based/major-focused, and community-development activities, there are so many to choose from. In this podcast, we delve into various elements of activities, what colleges are looking for, and how to choose them. Where can I find... Continue Reading →

What are standardized tests? Why do we need them? Join us on Episode 2 to get answers to the following questions: Why do Standardized Tests Matter? What type of tests are there and what are required? When should I take them? How many time is too many times? Do I really need a perfect score?  What... Continue Reading →

In this episode, we will be delving into the GPA and answering questions like: - What is GPA and why does it matter? - How is GPA evaluated/reported? - Which GPA matters (academic, 10-12, weighted/unweighted) - Choosing the right classes - Regular, Honors, AP, IB. - Out-of-high-school transcripts and supplemental GPAs - What are the... Continue Reading →

A roundtable discussion with 5 educational professionals specializing in various disciplines. You'll be listening to the diverse perspectives of our speakers from Maryland to California who will delve into educational topics such as: - How to navigate high school? - The importance of GPA - College applications - AND MORE! On this introductory episode, you'll... Continue Reading →

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